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Our Staff

Klepinger Ken Klepinger
BC-HIS, Owner

Ken Klepinger, BC-HIS, has been providing expert hearing care for over 2 decades.  Ken's interest in excellent hearing care started early in life when both of his parents were diagnosed with hearing loss and fitted with hearing instruments. Over the years he has helped initiate a hearing care program in Russia by training Russian ENTs in the art of fitting hearing aids. Ken is a member of the International Hearing Society. In addition he has won several industry awards including; Outstanding Performance in Helping Hearing Impaired Award and the Beltone Master Hearing Aid Specialist Award.

         "People are often reluctant to get their first hearing aid. But the differences that I see in my patients are amazing. Giving them back the ability to hear can literally bring a person back into the world around them. It makes it a pleasure to come to work every day."   -Ken Klepinger

Klepinger Denise Klepinger
HIS, Owner

Denise Klepinger, HIS, has been working in and around the Hearing Care industry for over 15 years. She started in the field when she and her husband Ken decided to venture into business for themselves and purchase The Hearing Center in 1995. Denise started mainly handling the day to day management of the office and accounts as well as coordinating patient care. Denise always enjoyed seeing what a difference it made for Kens’ patients when they regained their ability to hear. On a personal level, having a husband with hearing loss, she saw the value that hearing instruments bring to the life of the patient as well as family and friends around them. This motivated her to take the next step and Denise became a State of Alaska licensed Hearing Aid Dealer in 1998. In the years since licensure she has participated in many opportunities to expand her education in order to provide the best possible care to her patients. Denise is a current member of the International Hearing Society.

Musser Heather Musser

Heather Musser, HIS, is the daughter of Ken and Denise. She grew up helping her parents in the office performing various tasks such as cleaning hearing aids and answering phones. After finishing high school Heather began working in Office Administration and did this for several years until merging into the Human Resources field. She has since brought her skills to the Hearing Center as the newest addition to the staff. She is a State of Alaska licensed Hearing Aid Dealer. Heather completed the Hearing Instrument Sciences course through Alan Lowell Seminars Hearing Healthcare Professional University and is currently working toward National Board Certification.